How to Protect your Ottawa Snow Removal Business

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Running a snow removal business is hard work (trust us, we know from 25 years of first hand experience). The City of Ottawa enforces strict regulatory processes in regards to snow removal and snow dumping, and it is paramount that small snow removal businesses in Ottawa are aware of and compliant of these procedures. Having been through all of the legal processes ourselves, we have collected our top four tips to protect your snow removal business in Ottawa. Avoid the risks of illegal snow dumping and learn the ins and outs of the snow removal laws in Ottawa.

In early 2016, the City of Ottawa targeted illegal snow dumping contractors, applying six charges against private snow removal contractors for either illegally dumping snow on sidewalks or illegally blowing snow onto roadways. The cost of this illegal snow dumping to the City of Ottawa is astronomical for the city, and ultimately, tax payers. Rather than contributing to the ongoing issue of illegal snow removal in Ottawa, learn to protect and prepare your business for the winter season in the City of Ottawa. The city has pushed the Ontario government to increase the fine for contractors from $105 to $500, meaning that this kind of mistake will not only cost our beautiful city money, but it will also cost your business money. Here are four tips on how to protect your snow removal business this winter.


Inform all new staff about snow removal rules.

When a storm hits and you send your team to the streets, ensure that the entire staff is trained and aware of the City of Ottawa snow removal regulations and rules. Consider hosting regular meetings to review the regulations related to blowing snow on driveways, sidewalks and snow dumping in Ottawa.


Get your business accredited at the Better Business Bureau.

The Better Business Bureau is a non-profit organization focused on advancing marketplace trust, that helps people find and recommend reliable businesses, brands and charities in their local area.


Use professional snow dumping facilities.

Marsten and its expert snow removal team is guaranteed to resolve your snow related problems faster than you can think of a solution. Call us with your inquiry and we will rapidly arrive on site, plow, clear and dump all snow as requested. The Company maintains a 4.94 acre operating facility at 4084 Albion Road, which is a licensed snow dump, large salt storage facilities, a small office and advanced security systems. This self-contained snow dumping facility enables appreciable savings in snow transportation and dumping costs for our clients. Choose from one of our snow dumping packages or contact us today for a customized snow dumping quote.


Register for an active City of Ottawa Business License here.

A snow plow contractor licence is required for any business that plows or removes snow from a private property with a snow plow.


This winter, make sure that your snow removal business in the City of Ottawa is prepared and protected.  Beware of the risks of illegal snow dumping risks and ensure that your clients and your business are taken care of.


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