The Consequences of Illegal Snow Dumping

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Every year, when piles of snow are unceremoniously dumped onto Ottawa by Mother Nature, the City of Ottawa and private contractors work hard to clear our city streets. But what happens to all the snow that gets plowed away? Unfortunately, some contractors are guilty of illegal snow dumping, which can be unsafe for pedestrians. The resulting piles of illegally dumped snow can sometimes force pedestrians into walking into the road, and towering snowbanks can cut off their path altogether.

As a result of this illegal snow dumping, the City is enforcing new measures to deter private contractors from illegally dumping snow during the winter months, such as raising the costs of fines. In extreme cases, licenses could be suspended or revoked. Last winter, Kitchissippi Councillor, Jeff Leiper, said that he felt that bylaw officers should be taking a stronger stance against private contractors who pushed snow onto public sidewalks and roads, posing risks to city residents. He said that by issuing more tickets and even threatening to revoke licenses, private contractors should be considerably deterred to dump their snow illegally.

Marsten is proud to own a 4.94 acre fully-licensed snow dumping facility at 4084 Albion Road, which allows appreciable savings in snow transportation and dumping costs. When using our snow plowing and snow dumping services, you can be certain that we are not illegally dumping snow around the city. What’s even better is that we allow other private contractors to come and dump their snow at our facility too. Our pricing is extremely competitive and any private contractor can rest assured they are disposing of their snow in a safe and legal environment. If you are a private plow company looking for a location to dump your snow this winter, please check out our snow dumping pricing here.

Our Marsten Snow Dumping Guarantee:

  • Our snow dumping facility has environmentally-conscious provisions in place to reduce and prevent groundwater contamination.
  • Our snow dumping facility is approved and regulated through Ottawa Development Services.
  • Marsten is a licensed snow plowing and snow dumping enterprise.
  • All of Marsten’s snow dumping business operations are in accordance with the Environmental Protection Act, the Ontario Water Resources Act, the Environmental Assessment Act and the Planning Act.
  • Marsten uses the highest-quality, top engineered snow dumping equipment, ensuring that even in emergency snow dumping situations, our team and machinery is prepared for anything.

If you are a private business or property manager looking for last minute or emergency snow removal, please don’t hesitate to contact us today! We remain on call 24/7 throughout the winter season and can provide efficient and affordable service to you with the shortest notice. If you are a private snow removal company looking for somewhere to safely and legally dump your snow, then we are here for you! Bring your truckload of snow to our facility at 4804 Albion Road before December 23rd and get a free Marsten tuque!