Reliable Emergency Snow Removal in Ottawa

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Winter is coming! The recent snowfall in Ottawa had most of us digging into our winter gear, buying salt for our driveways, and setting the shovels and home snow blower up so they are ready to go. Most of the time, these tried and tested strategies of shovelling and salting are sufficient to survive the wrath of winter. However, winter in Ottawa is completely unpredictable, and there will be days where your shovel, salt and snow blower just won’t cut it. That is where the expertise and dependability of emergency snow removal services from Marsten comes in handy.


What is Emergency Snow Removal?


Emergency snow removal in Ottawa is the most reliable, dependable and safe solution to the unpredictability of winter weather. Emergency snow clearance of entryways, paths, lots, driveways and parking lots is available, using only the most advanced snow removal vehicles. There is no job too big for the Marsten fleet to tackle, and trust us, when the winter storm hits, your business, clients and vehicles will thank you for planning ahead!


Our emergency snow removal services include salting, ice control, snow blowing and even snow dumping. We are here in Ottawa and available to give you peace of mind all winter long. Whether you are looking for residential emergency snow removal or commercial emergency snow removal, we have over twenty years of experience clearing and salting roads in Ottawa and ensuring the safety of our community. Professional snow truck drivers, the highest-quality snow removal fleet of vehicles and 24-hour service and immediate response to calls make Marsten the best choice in Ottawa for emergency snow removal.


How Do I Plan for an Unexpected Emergency Storm?


We offer unlimited snow removal services in Ottawa all winter long, at all hours. Winter Snow Maintenance Services include snow removal, snow dumping, roof cleaning, licensed snow dump facility, salting/liquid brine application and of course, customer satisfaction, guaranteed. To schedule for an unexpected emergency storm situation in Ottawa contact our team of friendly experts today to discuss the various options available to you at 613-731-0030.


It is important to keep you, your family and your property safe this winter season. The last thing you want to do when a big blizzard or snow storm dumps on Ottawa is spend hours calling for help. Plan your winter in advance and avoid any stress or anxiety when a big storm hits!

Marsten provides excellent snow removal service led by snow removal professionals in Ottawa that have over twenty years of experience. We know how to clean up after a big snow storm, and we pride ourselves on doing that clean up in an eco-friendly and safe way.

Contact our team at Marsten today to set yourself up for a beautiful, peaceful, calm winter season in Ottawa. We are available by email at or via phone at 1-613-731-0030.