The Marsten Snow Dumping Guarantee

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Combatting Illegal Snow Dumping

Last winter, the City of Ottawa caught private snow removal contractors illegally dumping snow on public roads. The cost of this illegal snow dumping to the city is extensive and undesirable. The mere cost of paying city staff to clear the snow that has been illegally dumped drains city resources and in the end, costs taxpayers. The City of Ottawa has warned all licensed snow low contractors of the repercussions of illegal dumping, which could cost them their license.  The City of Ottawa prohibits the dumping of snow or ice on highways, parks and/or any public property.


The Marsten Snow Dumping Guarantee 

  • Our snow dumping facility has provisions in place to reduce and prevent groundwater contamination.
  • Marsten snow dumping facility is approved and regulated through Ottawa Development Services.
  • Marsten is a licensed snow plowing and snow dumping enterprise.
  • All of Marsten snow dumping business operations are in accordance with the Environmental Protection act, the Ontario Water Resources Act, the Environmental Assessment Act and the Planning Act.
  • Marsten uses the highest-quality, top engineered snow dumping equipment, ensuring that even in emergency snow dumping situations, our team and machinery is prepared for anything.


Choose Marsten for safe, reliable, dependable snow removal and snow dumping services all winter long. When it is -40 and you are snowed in, you’ll be glad that you did! Contact our team today at