How Does Snow Removal Actually Work?

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There is nothing better than waking up after an intense snow storm to a freshly cleared and plowed driveway, parking lot or street. The top snow removal companies in Ottawa usually get the job done before most people have to face the storm itself. Maintaining a large parking lot or walkway for a shopping mall, condominium, apartment or commercial building in the winter can be stressful and time consuming – especially for property managers in Ottawa. Marsten follows a methodical process to ensure that all of their commercial clients receive the most efficient, reliable and fast snow removal services in Ottawa. Here are some of our tried and true guidelines for clearing snow all winter long, and keeping our customers happy.

 1- A good snow removal company will cover the pavement with brine before the storm even appears.

As soon as the snow falls to the ground, the snow removal contractor will apply a layer of liquid or solid de-icer, salt or sand to prevent freezing and begin the snow removal process. They are on top of all the latest weather reports and ready to effectively prevent snow and ice from fusing on the road itself.

2- A quality snow removal company like Marsten’s will include a powerful fleet.

This includes equipment such as Skidsteers, Backhoes, Front-End Loaders, Tri-Axle Dump Trucks, Pup Trailers, Pick-Up Trucks, Plows and Salters. Each of these snow removal equipment pieces ensure reliable and fast snow removal services.

3- Snow plowing generally begins when snowfall inches above a certain height.

In many cases, this is when snow becomes 1 to 3 inches deep and the temperature indicates there will be no melting. These are strict regulations in some municipalities both for safety and efficiency.

4- Priority snow routes get serviced first.

Special snow routes, that will be used by emergency personnel like police and firetrucks, get serviced first and foremost following a storm. Some routes will receive special treatment such as school zones or high accident rate zones.

5- Snow plows are available 24 hour a day, 7 days a week, without a minute to lose.

Especially when there is a storm, snow removal contractors will literally work non-stop, providing emergency snow blowing and snow dumping services to clients on demand.

Our team at Marsten is committed to providing our clients with reliable, dependable, fast regular and emergency snow removal services in Ottawa. We are happy to answer any questions potential clients may have and eager to see how we can help clear your mind (and your driveway) all winter long. Contact Marsten online to request a snow removal quote for the season.